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Welcome to Wagon Wheels where we are totally crazy about facility vehicles.  After ten years of being a Location Manager; I decided that we could elevate the standard of location vehicles within the commercial and photographic industry. Twelve years on we now able to provide a full range of production vehicles, which have been built to a Wagon Wheels style. 

We can supply big and small luxury Winnebagos, Sprinter location vans,  a choice of makeup trucks,  dining buses with production area and our brand new honey wagons. If you have a photo shoot, TV, movie or commercial production, a music event you need to give us a shout.  We have the perfect vehicle or multi-vehicle set up to turn your shoot or event into a sweet one! 

Our Location Vehicles

Pace Winnebago

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Ace Winnebago

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Celebrity VIP Winnebago

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Location Van

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Wardrobe / Split 1

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Make Up / Split 2

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Make Up / Split 3

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Dining Bus

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Honey Wagon

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Need help parking?

We have developed a Google map to help you locate your ideal parking. We have various types of location vehicles to meet your needs for a perfect shoot. Our smallest location vans are ideal if you are shooting in central London with a small crew or need a backup vehicle for production. Our Winnebagos come in two sizes. The smaller is the Ace’s which have a pavement slide to our super luxury larger Pace twin slide for any Super Star.

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The Very Best in the Business

Our company ethos for over a decade has been to provide the best range of location vehicles. This includes three sizes of Winnebago, purpose-built location vans, double deck dining buses with production area. Also, we have brand new honey wagons and beautifully equipped make-up and wardrobe trucks. We are the perfect one-stop production unit base solution. All of our vehicles come with highly experienced, discreet, friendly drivers who understand what is needed for a calm and professional shoot. They are happy to assist you and will always advise where needed. We are there to help you get the best and safest use from your vehicle.

Just a few of our returning customers

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