End of another busy week for our dining bus, finishing off with a unit base under the M3 next to the Kempton Great Engines Trust. Here is the largest working triple expansion steam pumping engine which is incredible to see and weighing in at 1000 tons it’s pretty big too! The art deco building is great filming location so defiantly worth a visit. 

Our dining bus has done a great job this week keeping all the crew happy and warm on these windy last few days. With its new 7kw generator we are happy to keep the tea urn going throughout the day. She has already racked up 25 working days in the last 30 without any problems so we are super happy with her performance.

Whilst busy out on location we have been very busy at HQ Wagon Wheels. Our Ace Winnebago have been getting a 5kva generator upgrade just so we can cope with the ever growing needs of a photo shoot. This has been quite a major upgrade with some in-house generator brackets built by our in house welder – Ian.

We are also continuing our upgrade program for our makeup and wardrobe vehicles. Our first has just come back from a lush full paint, the same colour as our dining bus. Once the graphics are on I will post some pictures up. We should get her back next week so will be busy getting the interior ready for summer, if work continues like how it has been summer is going to be mental.