I’m like a child in a sweet shop! Just can’t keep a secret, our new make up truck donor vehicle has been purchased today. We will soon be ripping out a luxury vehicle that most campers only dream of owning. Thats the Wagon Wheels way of doing things! We have a plan – the plan to be the best of the best facility vehicles in the UK.

With the weather getting a little colder and 28 bookings this week has given us a little bit of time to breath. With our brand new workshop we have able get our fleet six Winnebago’s back up to scratch. Our expert in bodywork Ian out his magic hands with a little fibre glass and paint it looks like a new truck again.

I’m dead proud of what we can acheive in such little time. We have just purchase a brand spanking new industrial air compressor and a loverly metal bender! Soon we will be able to produce brand new side lockers inhouse.

Been missing the Clarkson, Hammond and May for a while so it was great to watch the Grand Tour at last. Its great to say we have been suppliers to such a amazing show. We look forward to the next shows streamed on the Amazon Prime.

So anything else new in the pipe line? Its like asking a question does a fish like water? Of course we have other projects on the go ever expanding our fleet. Details to follow in our lovely blogs – I’m sure these are read religiously by our close friends!